Lexmark reveals dramatic new logo

NEW LOGO: based on an camera aperture

Lexmark, the well-known global manufacturer of laser printers, has unveiled a striking new logo and branding (above).

When compared with Lexmark's familiar red diamond motif (below), the new green shutter logo is a huge departure.

OLD LOGO: Lexmark is retiring its diamond design

The new design, it says, captures the company's continuing evolution.

Danny Molhoek, managing director and country general manager UK/Ireland at Lexmark, explains that the previous diamond shaped logo was intended to evoke clarity and durability.

The green palette is fresh, vibrant and approachable

By adopting a shutter, the new design is intended to suggest opening and expanding possibilities. This symbolic expansion, Molhoek said, mirrors his company's own evolution. Lexmark itself was spun out of IBM in 1991 but today sees itself as a radically different company.

"The green palette is fresh, vibrant and approachable, evoking Lexmark’s strength, and focus on sustainability," explains Molhoek.

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Words: Martin Cooper

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