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Clients from hell: why you shouldn't trust voicemail

Clients from hell

We all know a client from hell, but are they as bad as this?

"After completing a five-month contract based in Alberta, Canada, I was looking for new work. I had a lead in BC, Canada, that required me to be on set for an entire weekend. I'd worked with the client before and they contacted me because they were looking to hire someone for a contract.

"I set up a few meetings in the area for the weekend, and though it didn't look like I would make much (if any) money with travel expenses included, I considered it worth my time to make the trip to acquire new contacts.

I arrived at the set location. There was no one there

"I contacted the potential client, confirmed dates and times, and set out for the 12-hour drive. I spent the evening at a friend's home and, at 7am the next day, arrived at the set location. There was no one there. After my phone calls, emails and texts received no response, I waited two hours before I left. At 7pm, the potential client called.

"He left this message on my voicemail: 'Hey there! Sorry, it looks like we got our wires crossed. I thought you were arriving tomorrow. Sorry about that! We had someone fill in today. The location is for tomorrow. Until then!'

"I called the potential client and left him a voicemail stating that I had received his message and that I would be at the same address tomorrow. For safety's sake, I also emailed him. The next day, I parked in the same spot and faced a familiar scene. At 7:30am, I received a call from the client:

Client: Hey! Did you get my message?

Me: Yes, I left you a couple of messages. I'm at the address now.

Client: What? I thought you got my voicemail message.

Me: Yes. You said we had the date wrong.

Client: Yes, and I had someone fill in for you.

Me: So … ?

Client: So just head home! They'll be filling in for the rest of the shoot.

Me: Excuse me?

Client: Look, I didn't know if you'd make it, so I wanted to make sure we had someone.

"Before I could explain I had confirmed multiple times, that the client hadn't stated I'd been replaced, and I currently lived 1,000kms away, my parked car was rear-ended by someone. Guess who?"

This article was originally published in issue 248 of net magazine. To read more stories of client nightmares, head over to Clients From Hell.

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