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The best Lego space sets in 2021

best lego space sets lego lunar lander
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The best Lego space sets are some of the most sought-after products from the toy giant these days. It's not hard to see why - Lego and space have a storied history together, from the classic blue and translucent green of the ’80s space sets to the great NASA-accurate sets below. The best Lego space sets of 2021 might be a bit more scientifically accurate than the older sets, and they're all the better for it.

These epic Lego kits include a mix of scale models of real spacecraft that are perfect for adults or older kids, while the range of Lego space playsets are great for kids as young as five. Even the playsets were developed with input from NASA, which offered insight into the kind of equipment it expects humans to be using when we start making trips beyond the moon.

We've divided our list of the best Lego space sets between the real spacecraft aimed at adults and the sets aimed at a younger audience. You'll find the current best online prices for them all right here, too. 

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Best Lego space sets for adults

Best Lego space sets lunar lander

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

01. Lego Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Celebrate 50 years since the moon landing in style

Set no: 10266 | Pieces: 1087 | Age: 16+

Fantastic accuracy
Great little details all over
Heavy on the stickers

Released in honour of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, the Lego Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Lander is a glorious display piece. Lego worked with NASA on getting the details right, including the right shade of gold. There are loads of fun details in the Lego Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, from the way you build the lunar surface (including little square footprints for your astronauts), to the fact that the lunar escape module disconnects from the landing gear to rocket away. There’s even an inside to the module with equipment panels.

Best Lego space sets: Lego ISS

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

02. Lego Ideas International Space Station

A great tribute to one of humankind's most impressive achievements

Set no: 21321 | Pieces: 864 | Age: 16+

Excellent display piece
Extra scale vehicles
Rather delicate

The Lego Ideas International Space Station has been a long time coming. ISS models would regularly make their way through Lego Ideas, where people submit propositions for new sets to be voted on by the public, and the most voted will be assessed by Lego for potential release as a set. Lego never picked them up… until now! This Lego Ideas International Space Station comes with lots of nice touches, including a robotic arm for deploying a satellite, a scale space shuttle you can dock, a mini cargo spacecraft, and a microscale figure to head out on space walks. If you’re into space, science, and singular achievements, this is pretty much an essential display piece, especially since it comes on a handy stand.

Best Lego space sets: Lego Saturn V

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

03. Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

Out of production, but always in our hearts…

Set no: 21309 | Pieces: 1969 | Age: 14+

A huge, accurate set
Built to scale, with astronauts and modules
Lego doesn't make it any more

Here’s the thing: this Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V is no longer made by Lego. It has been retired – possibly forever, possibly not, but definitely don’t expect it back soon. Normally, we wouldn’t recommend things that aren’t actually available anymore, but this is easily the best space set Lego has ever made, and you can find it for sale online since it's only a recent retirement, so we kind of have to mention it.

A full metre long when complete, this scale model of the Saturn V is utterly awesome, and meticulously detailed – from its recreation of every portion of the multi-stage rocket, to the little dioramas of the lunar module on the moon and the command module in the sea after a touchdown… and all with microscale figures, as a reminder that this is all to scale!

Moon landing buffs should take note of the number of pieces it’s made from, even – that’s the care and love that was clearly poured into this set. So, if you see it for sale for a not ridiculous price, we can’t recommend it enough. If you're a big space program fan, it's worth it.

Best Lego space sets for kids

Lego Space Rover best lego space set

(Image credit: Lego)

04. Lego Space Rover Explorer

Explore far-reaching galaxies with this Lego Creator 3-in-1 Space Rover

Set no: 31107 | Pieces: 510 | Age: 8+

Working crane arm
Minifigures included
Includes only one alien minifigure

The latest addition to Lego's space set collection is this brilliant three-in-one Lego Space Rover Explorer set, complete with astronaut and alien minifigures. Because every space traveller needs a little green sidekick, right? A brilliant set for kids aged eight and over, this hardy space vehicle includes a working crane arm and a cool mini robot with working arms too. The Space Rover itself includes an incredible amount of detail inside, including a bed, desk with computer, and robot arm to provide the astronaut with his morning coffee. A top Lego space set at an excellent price. 

Best Lego space sets: Lego City Rocket Assembly & Transport

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

05. Lego City Rocket Assembly & Transport

A great playset with loads to do

Set no: 60229 | Pieces: 1055 | Age: 7+

Great-looking rocket
Good selection of vehicles and buildings
A pricier set

The City range might seem a slightly odd place for all the following sets in this list to sit, but that’s where this kind of playset tends to go, so fair enough. The next six models in this guide are all from a series inspired by NASA’s plans for future and Mars programs, with designs that draw from serious concepts.

The Lego City Rocket Assembly & Transport is our favourite of them, because not only does it have the coolest-looking rocket (which is the most important thing), but we also love the big crane assembly and caterpillar transportation vehicle. And as a playset, the range of robots, vehicles, and garage gives loads of scope for little explorers to have fun.

Best Lego space sets: People Pack - Space Research and Development

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

06. Lego City People Pack - Space Research and Development

Staff up your Lego space facilities the easy way

Set no: 60230 | Pieces: 209 | Age: 5+

So many cool figures
Some very neat accessories
Not quite exclusive

This Lego City People Pack is a really fun selection of minifigures and accessories: it comes with seven different astronauts, a reporter, a camera operator, a personal trainer, a drone engineer, a rocket engineer, a mechanical engineer and a botanist, plus a robot, a g-force training machine, pizza, space rocks, a test rocket, and more. It’s a really cool set of stuff for kids to free play with and add to their range of other Lego.

Best Lego space sets: Mars Research Shuttle

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

07. Lego City Mars Research Shuttle

Do science, fly a cool shuttle – what's not to like?

Set no: 60226 | Pieces: 273 | Age: 5+

Great shuttle design
Very clever 'scanning' drone
May be too easy for older kids 

This Lego City Mars Research Shuttle is a slick-looking shuttle that opens to reveal space for its two astronauts to sit plus a storage drone, perfect for carrying the included geode bricks. There’s also a rover with a grappling arm, but the little touch we love the most is the scanning heli-drone, which has a red panel that, when held over a brick of rocky regolith, will reveal a neat ‘scanning’ interface. It’s a great set for budding space scientists.

Best Lego space sets: Lego City Lunar Space Station

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

08. Lego City Lunar Space Station

A neat modular design for zero-g adventures

Set no: 60227 | Pieces: 412 | Age: 6+

Love the different modules
Extra shuttle is cool, too
Missing airlock door

This Lego City Lunar Space Station is a concept for a small space station, with three modules to it that you can arrange however you like around the central airlock module. There’s a kitchen module, and living module, and a lab module, and they all open up so you can play with the minifigures included. The lab has light-up equipment, the kitchen has a pizza oven (we’re not sure of the NASA accuracy of that bit…), and the living area has a treadmill and bed. There’s also a small shuttle and a detachable satellite, for getting all that busy space work done.

Best Lego space sets: Lego City Deep Space Rocket Launch Control

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

09. Lego City Deep Space Rocket Launch Control

The countdown to a great build is on

Set no: 60228 | Pieces: 837 | Age: 7+

Multi-stage rocket launch with payload
Cool rail track for transport
Lacks details in some areas

This Lego City Deep Space Rocket Launch Control set has a multi-stage rocket with assorted modules, plus a control room for executing your perfect launches, but most importantly it has a funky rail transport system. There’s a range of accessories too, from transport vehicles on the ground to a robot help, to a space telescope satellite that fits in the rocket’s payload module for transport up to your ceiling. A nice added touch is that the control tower is designed to accommodate a phone with a special countdown app on the screen, for an atmospheric (so to speak) launch event.

Best Lego space sets: Lego City Rover Testing Drive

(Image credit: LEGO Group)

10. Lego City Rover Testing Drive

Well, you wouldn't drive it for the first time on Mars, right?

Set no: 60255 | Pieces: 202 | Age: 5+

Nice rover design
Grappling arm
May bore older kids

You can practise for those martian/lunar escapades with this Lego City Rover Testing Drive set. It has an articulated grappling arm and a removable cockpit plus chunky all-terrain wheels. There’s various rock collecting equipment for its driver minifigure to use when picking up the rock bricks it comes with, and it’s all observed by a technician.

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