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The best MacBook Pro cases in 2020

Best MacBook Pro cases
(Image credit: Oliur on Unsplash)

Searching for quality MacBook Pro cases is important if you want to keep your expensive and breakable MacBook in pristine condition. The thing is, there are hundreds of them out there. Some are made specifically for one single model, others offer distinct qualities that you may or may not be after (hard case vs soft case, for example). 

The good news is that we've trawled the internet to choose our favourite brands that are making the best MacBook cases, for the 13-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch iterations of the MacBook Pro. There are a lot of factors to consider: do you want a lightweight case? Does it need to be water-resistant? Should it be inexpensive, or are you willing to fork out a little bit more money? Or is it all about the design of the case? 

Whatever your criteria, you'll find plenty of options below. And if you're looking for a deal on a MacBook Pro, we've got you covered with the best MacBook Pro deals. Want more Apple deals? Check out our Apple Black Friday rundown of the very best Apple deals in 2020. 

The best Apple MacBook Pro cases of 2020

Best MacBook Pro case

(Image credit: Mosiso)

01. Mosiso Hard Plastic Protector

The best overall MacBook Pro case available

Material: Hard plastic | Style: Snap-on | Fits: MacBook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch

Over 40 colours and graphic designs
Case and keyboard cover combo

Mosiso's hard plastic MacBook Pro case is the perfect combination of great protection at a friendly price point. 

With over 40 solid colour options, plus a range of more graphic designs to choose from, Mosiso offer a case for every taste, and as each case comes with a keyboard protector as well, this is really the best overall MacBook Pro case option out there. 

Each case snaps on, and at around 10.5 ounces is lightweight enough for you to soon not notice it. You can also get a matching sleeve, if you want a dedicated bag to carry your MacBook Pro around in. All and all, this is the best option for protecting your MacBook Pro. 

Best MacBook Pro cases

(Image credit: Mujjo)

02. Mujjo Sleeve

The best stylish MacBook Pro case

Material: Leather and felt | Style: Slip-in sleeve | Fits: MacBook Pro 12-inch, 15-inch

Stylish design
Quality materials
Integrated storage
Not shock-absorbent 

If you're looking for a bit more of a lavish MacBook Pro case, the Mujjo sleeve may be for you. This sleeve is all about the quality materials – a combination of thick felt and vegetable-tanned leather.

The sleeve has a single snap button, and its rivets are lined so there'll be no metal contact on your MacBook. There's also integrated storage for you documents or AirPods. If you're willing to pay a bit more for the durable, quality materials, this is our top pick for a stylish MacBook Pro sleeve. 

Best MacBook Pro cases

(Image credit: KECC)

03. KECC hardshell case

The best designed hard cases

Material: Hard plastic | Style: Snap on | Fits: MacBook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch

Loads of fun designs
Sturdy and safe
Fits all models
All models have Apple logo cut out

The KECC hardshell cases are great if you want add a bit of character to your MacBook Pro. There are loads of designs to chose from, including star-based, marble-designs and florals. 

The KECC cases are also some of the most affordable out there, too. Each case comes with an eye catching design, and the Apple logo cut out (which may not be to everyone's taste). 

Best MacBook Pro cases

(Image credit: UAG)

04. UAG Plasma case

The best rugged MacBook Pro case

Material: Hard plastic and micro-fibre material | Style: Snap on | Fits: MacBook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch

Indestructible shell 
Great grip 
The look isn't for everyone

This UAG MacBook Pro case is for the creative on the move, and those liable to give their MacBook Pro a bash now and again. The UAG Anti-Shock cover is not about subtle use of materials or pretty designs. It's about tried and tested impact resistance, and a more hands-on aesthetic. 

Though a bit pricier than others on the list, this model meets military drop-test standards, has cooling vents for good air flow for prolonged use, and boasts a duel lock secure screen closure. 

Best MacBook Pro cases

(Image credit: tomtoc)

05. Tomtoc Ultra Slim sleeve

The best value MacBook Pro sleeve

Materials: Leather and felt | Style: Slip-on sleeve | Fits: MacBook Pro 13-inch

Extra storage
This model only for MacBook Pro 13-inch

Tomtoc make a lot of covers and cases for various laptops, tablets and the like, but this particular model for the MacBook Pro 13-inch is our favourite. Its combination of leather and felt, plus a simple, cool design, all rounded off with a great price, makes it one of the bets MacBook Pro cases out there. 

This lightweight case looks great, but is also practical. It's designed with a side slit for quick and easy charging of the MacBook Pro, without taking it out of the case. 

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