Protect your Apple laptop with the best MacBook Pro cases in December 2023

A folio MacBook Pro leather case from Woolnut.
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The best MacBook Pro cases will offer your precious, pricey machine some much-needed protection, but also can add a little personality and flair to your device. 

We've trawled through customer reviews, tried a multitude of cases ourselves, and researched a wide range of MacBook Pro cases to find the best of the best. In doing so, we've considered style, materials, value, robustness availability, and any extra features to create a list of cases that cover a wide range of needs. 

So, keep scrolling to find the perfect case for you. Alternatively, if it's time to upgrade your MacBook Pro, make sure to check out our regularly updated guide to the best MacBook Pro deals to help you save on one of these fantastic computers. If you've got a lighter model, we also have a round-up of the best MacBook Air cases, as well as the best laptop bags for carrying around your MacBook safely. 

The best MacBook Pro cases available now

How we test the best cases for MacBook Pro

When we're testing MacBook Pro cases, we're looking for a variety of specs and qualities to suit different users.

Primarily, that means looking at the build materials and robustness, as well as the ease of use, compatibility and size. We're also looking for extra features like added storage compartments, in-built stands and the like. We want to see an element, at least of style, and ideally, various colourways to allow customers to express themselves.

We also consider the value of the cases, making sure this is in line with our experience and testing. 

As well as our own experience with these cases, we're also looking for consistency in user reviews, considering how good different users have found the cases. 

How we choose the best cases for MacBook Pro

We choose the best MacBook Pro cases based on our review, but also with a view to include a laptop case for everyone. So, whether you're a regular roadster who needs a rugged case, an Apple loyalist who always wants the brand logo on display or just in need of the most cheap and effective solution, we've got you covered.

Additionally, we ensure to include options at a variety of price points, and for the widest range possible of MacBook Pro models - and there are quite a few! We make sure to regularly scour the internet to find the newest cases, and include them as and when we've had the chance to research them.

Should I choose a MacBook Pro sleeve or case?

There are two main types of protective cover you can get for your Mac: a sleeve and a case. A sleeve is essentially a soft pouch that protects your Mac from bumps and bruises. Like a bag, though, it doesn't affix to your laptop, and is mainly used to protect it in transit. In contrast, MacBook cases clip onto your laptop and offer protection whether you're using the device or not. Both sleeves and cases have their pros and cons, and you can use both at the same time if you like by stowing a MacBook Pro with a case inside a sleeve.

What material is best for a MacBook Pro case?

Some companies use a form of plastic topped by a fabric layer that not only looks great but also resists scratches. Others use hard-shell plastic that can take a real battering. And some companies prefer clear plastic cases that let you see your device under its protection. Each material will suit different people and different tastes, but it's good to know there is a lot of choice in this area.

How much should I pay for a MacBook Pro case?

Beware ultra-cheap cases and sleeves, as these are likely made from inferior materials that won't keep much damage at bay. MacBooks are expensive devices, and you don't want to find yourself lumped with a huge replacement bill because you opted for a poor-quality case. Reliable, affordable cases do exist, but just make sure you check the manufacturer's reputation before going for one.

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