CA Inspiration - 11 October

I think this whole daily inspiration thing's starting to catch on - lots of stuff to look through this morning, and no last-minute panic to find additional things elsewhere on the web. Even better, we liked our first contribution so much that we've already asked its creator, Scott Oppenheim, to do a tutorial for the magazine. All the more reason to keep sending us stuff; hardly anyone bothers with the email option, so let's stick to Twitter. if you're logged in you can simply click here and paste in your URL.

Scott Oppenheim Mondrian s Makeover

Scott Oppenheim - Mondrian's Makeover

Kerry Hyndman Italy

Kerry Hyndman - Italy

Lee Daley - The Story Teller's Psalm

Werner Fismer Wolf Tyler

Werner Fismer - Wolf Tyler

Adolfo Correa The KDU Collection

Adolfo Correa - The KDU Collection

Mathew Lucas As Above So Below

Mathew Lucas - As Above So Below

Chris Madden The Jazz Man

Chris Madden - The Jazz Man

Sebastianbap - Make it Better - via Oliver Sin

Grace Coombes Jules Verne

Grace Coombes - Jules Verne

Matej De Cecco Untitled

Matej De Cecco - Untitled

Patrick O Leary Procrastination

Patrick O'Leary - Procrastination

Sky Nash Cucumber

Sky Nash - Cucumber

James Roper Assumption

James Roper - Assumption - via Chimera Studio

Erick Oh - How To Eat Your Apple - via Andy Martin