CA Inspiration - 3 November

I love it when I find something great for this at the very last minute. Here I was, all ready to go with today's blog, when I happened upon Philip Kennedy's graphic tribute to surely one of the greatest albums of all time, My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. Find out all about it at the link further down. I'm not around tomorrow so there'll be no inspiration blog, but keep the things coming in and we'll kick it off again on Monday. Send things via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Mr Bartle Angels in the Woods

Mr Bartle - Angels in the Woods - via Matt Pass

Dan Matunina Taro San

Dan Matunina - Taro-San - via Matt Booth

Nike - Jordan Melo M8 event - via Secret Artist

Philip Kennedy My Bloody Valentine Loveless

Philip Kennedy - My Bloody Valentine: Loveless

Brand Nu Birger Jarl Uppsala

Brand Nu - Birger Jarl, Uppsala

Oliver Sin - With a Little Help From Our Friends

TwelveTimesTwo Doomsday Calendar

TwelveTimesTwo - Doomsday Calendar

Stphane Faure The Frozen Army

Stphane Faure - The Frozen Army

Josh Fletcher - Stephen King's Memory 2D

Stefan Breukers Recovered books Dracula

Stefan Breukers - Recovered books: Dracula

Blackwatch Media - The Red Suitcase - via Ben

Image Color The Key

Image Color - The Key