CA Inspiration - 7 November

Don't you just love it when you're in the middle of putting together a new daily inspiration blog and you get summoned to a meeting that goes on for the best part of an hour? Maybe that's just me. Anyway, here's today's - why not suggest something for tomorrow's? As always, send stuff via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Tind Silkscreen Printing on Banana Leaves

Tind - Silkscreen Printing on Banana Leaves

Spiros Halaris Autumnatic

Spiros Halaris - Autumnatic

Gentleman Scholar - Gates Foundation: G20 Summit - via Oliver Sin

Kultar Singh Ruprai What s On My Mind

Kultar Singh Ruprai - What's On My Mind?

Maqaroon Harajuku Zoo

Maqaroon - Harajuku Zoo

TeamCerf - Meet Buck - via Simon Whittaker

Wilmer Murillo Holloolloo

Wilmer Murillo - Holloolloo - via Fernando Robles

Joe Fenton The Joyriders

Joe Fenton - The Joyriders - via Dan Netherton

Kristina Collantes Heist

Kristina Collantes - Heist - via Teresa Franco

Cyriak - Welcome to Kitty City - via BoingBoing

Kid ethic The Man Who Invented the Daleks

Kid-ethic - The Man Who Invented the Daleks - via Transmission