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Create an image gallery

In part one of this three-part online portfolio tutorial, you created a simple slideshow or carousel that enabled you to flick through your individual pieces of work. While this would be perfectly adequate for a small design portfolio, if you have a large number of images to display, this could become a pretty tedious way to flick through the images from start to finish.

In this second instalment, I'll show you a way to view all the images in your collection together as thumbnail images in a kind of virtual lightbox. This lightbox will allow the user to instantly see the range of your work and will act as a home page for your collection. In addition, here you'll be adding a couple of finishing touches - a loading bar to display in-between slides and a captioning system that enables you to include essential information about each image you present.

By the end of this short tutorial you should have one complete gallery of work, which can either be flicked through like a simple slideshow, or navigated from a set of thumbnails. So, without further delay, let's get started.

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