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Creating an Online Portfolio

Designers often forget how much easier the Internet can make their lives. Although nothing truly beats seeing perfect reproductions of work within a beautifully crafted, print-based portfolio, there can be no denying that the Web is an equally useful promotional device. After all, it's available to pretty much anyone in the industry 24 hours a day.

However, for those dedicated to creating print work, dealing with a Website can be a daunting prospect. Therefore, we're going to lead you through the process of creating a simple portfolio site. Although our example is centred on black-and-white photography, it's just as suitable for displaying graphic design or illustration examples, and the modular nature of the tutorials means you can adapt specific elements for your own needs.

We'll use Photoshop for creating and manipulating graphics and Dreamweaver MX 2004 for creating the Web pages. The latter application now has vastly improved support for CSS-based workflow, enabling you to create cutting-edge, standards-compliant Websites in Design view. Along with the tutorials, we'll also provide some background information on what makes a good online portfolio, tips for creating a good Website, and common mistakes that people make - and that you should avoid!

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