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Finding new freelance opportunities

Expanding the breadth of the projects I’m working on is a constant goal. My work has the potential to be marketable to a diverse range of clients from various industries – food, weddings, kids, men’s fashion and so on. I think it’s important to develop as broad a clientele as possible because it will enable my freelance business to become more and more consistent.

I promoted myself in a variety of ways this year and I’m planning to continue these approaches in 2012. I mailed out postcards to promote my illustration and lettering work, primarily directing these to magazines, and I also sent emails about my newly launched Print Shop to bloggers. I’m selling a selection of prints; it’s a new realm that I hope to further develop.

This year, my goal is to develop a body of work that can be presented as a solo exhibition. I also plan to develop a fully illustrated and hand-lettered book of my work, but that’s still an idea in progress right now. I’ve recently joined The Adam & Eve Projects, where a large variety of artists in different fields post about new, exciting happenings in their career and beyond. For a non-blogger, this is a nice alternative: it’s great for someone who wants to post regularly but not necessarily daily. I also plan to update my Behance portfolio more regularly, and of course it’s vitally important to keep my personal portfolio site as up-to-date as possible.

My approach to promoting myself is to participate in almost every opportunity that comes my way, so long as I can complete the task to my standards in the time available. I try to do every interview, contribute to every publication and be part of every project I’m offered. You just never know what new audience each opportunity could open up.