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Fotolia presents Marumiyan

Microstock image library Fotolia has released the fourth piece of free PSD artwork, available as part of its TEN Collection, Season Two.

This month's artist is Japanese freelancer illustrator Marumiyan, whose artwork 'ON' is available as a free PSD download until 10am Thursday 11 April 2013.

Fotolia says:

"Born in Fukuoka, Japan, where he still lives, Marumiyan was exposed to the art forms painting and drawing by his father from a young age. The family library is full of art books, and family outings often included trips to the art gallery. The creative process is a part of the artist’s soul: 'I love the process of creating the art, rather than the outcome of having a piece of art. I tend to get bored once the piece is almost finished,' he says.

"Marumiyan uses collage techniques to blend photos and paint, strives to find a balance between the two, and then manipulates the colors. His work is found in a variety of different formats – posters, brochures, web sites, CD covers. For Marumiyan, the form is secondary to the joy of creation."

Japanese elegance and style

"'I took on the TEN project because I found it interesting," Marumiyan says. 'I figured I could create even more elaborate and attractive photomontages through the use of Fotolia’s images. The images make the artwork more powerful.

"'As a graphic design teacher, I also appreciate the learning and pedagogic aspect of the project, which helps others learn.' Marumiyan's design for TEN, entitled simply 'ON', is built around Japan’s iconic bonsai tree, and eloquently built around his theme of choice: sound. Complete with speakers, amplifiers and cables, Marumiyan’s visual symphony is a sight to be seen – and heard."

You can find out more about Marumiyan by watching this teaser video: