Inspiration Gallery - 30 January

So yeah, there wasn't a gallery on Friday because I had the day off to take pictures of starlings. A lot of starlings. And just as the starlings were doing their thing, it started to hail. I got soaked and frozen but it made for some nice pictures. Enough about my snaps, though; let's get on with the gallery. And yeah, send something in for tomorrow! Yep, via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Marc Aspinall Saturday London

Marc Aspinall - Saturday-London

Hush - Marsh "Ignite" - via Oliver Sin

Joo Oliveira Kult Magazine

Joo Oliveira - Kult Magazine

Daha Lee Cross

Daha Lee - Cross

Amy Kilner Craig Wassell

Amy Kilner - Craig Wassell

Stella Bjrg Holt

Stella Bjrg - Holt

Roberto Grosso The Bad In Each Other

Roberto Grosso - The Bad In Each Other

Scott Benson - Everything Starts Small - via Ben Skirth and Sara

Jon Glanville The Social Network

Jon Glanville - The Social Network - via Tom Stutt

de strukt Edding

de:strukt - Edding