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Location Photography

Achieving the correct colour in your photographs can be difficult, especially when taking pictures on location. In this month's tutorial we'll be looking at each image as a whole, assessing which areas need treatment, then concentrating on these areas to increase the colour information and create a natural but higher-quality finish.

When shooting photos outside, the biggest problem you're faced with is the weather. We look at how to change it for the better and make subtle adjustments to enhance the mood and lighting conditions. A cover image for a sailing magazine is transformed with some selective colour mixing; a car shot on a dull day gets a make-over to increase the surface highlights and improve the background; and two panoramic shots get the weather changed to reveal the hidden details.

Bearing in mind that too much manipulation can result in the degradation of an image, we'll also be looking at some techniques on improving quality once the colour adjustments have been made.

Download the PDF tutorial here

Artwork and expertise supplied by Frank Bartucca:
[t] 01761 233 324