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Typo London 2011: telling stories with Nat Hunter

One of the highlights of the opening day at Typo London 2011 yesterday as Nat Hunter's engaging tak about her company, Airside, and its approach to the challenges posed by its clients.

Nat, who is creative director at Airside, said:

"As a company our skill is in taking away difficult information and distilling it and making a very simple story out of it that people can understand."

This approach that has led them to produce a series of emotionally engaging information films for a wide variety of clients including mobile networks, museums and galleries. But don't just take out word for it: you can see Nat had to say at Typo London 2011 for yourself:

During her 45-minute talk, Nat reeled off a number of Airside's successes, including a graphically engaging, funny and also rather serious video called The Power Gap.

Created in 2009 for the National Gallery of Contemporary Art (NCGA) in Sunderland, The Power Gap explains the complex relationship between power and the people and was developed in conjunction with left-wing think tank Demos.