The ultimate collection of freelance design tips

Being a freelance designer is something that many of us dream of, with thoughts of telling your boss to shove it high on the list, closely followed by fantasies of working the hours you want to work.

Talk to anyone living the life, however, and you'll discover that being a freelance designer is hard. Sure, there are plenty of benefits, but there are also a host of pressures that ensure you always have to stay top of your game.

With this in mind, we've scoured the deep, dark recesses of the internet, and found 60 unmissable articles to help you become a better freelance operator.

So whether you're an experienced freelancer with a list of clients as long as your arm or a recently graduated designer setting out in the big wide world, we're sure you'll find something to interest you in our killer compendium of freelance links.

Going freelance

8 things you should know when starting your freelance business

How to start a freelance business today (tools for beginners)

6 steps to becoming a freelancer

8 common misconceptions about freelancers

17 tips for designers on starting a freelance business

10 Nos for freelancers

The good and bad of freelancing

Freelancing pros and cons

Why I hate freelance designing

15 benefits to working as a full time freelancer

15 drawbacks to working as a full time freelancer

Getting new business

10 essential steps to making the perfect pitch

How to stop scrambling for clients and get a steady stream of paying gigs

9 steps towards genuine & effective networking

The right and wrong ways to compete for jobs

How to make potential customers pick you over 'the other guys'

The secret to landing clients nearly 100% of the time

10 ways to gain more design work by building trust and relationships

Getting clients: approaching the company

A guide on how freelancers can compete against large design studios

Marketing yourself

10 passive marketing opportunities for freelancers

15 guerilla marketing tips for freelancers

Solve the common marketing problems that bug most freelancers

Dealing with clients

How to increase the value of your design services for clients

8 strategies for successful relations with clients

What to do when the client is wrong

5 tricks that make you more attractive to clients

Negotiating with clients 101

10 types of bad clients and how to avoid them

3 smart moves to make after landing a new client

When and how to dump a client

10 things I hate about clients

Three sure-fire ways to receive a killer referral from your clients

How to get your clients to take you seriously

Client communication: the most important part of freelancing

Low maintenance freelancing: 4 ways to reduce client clutter and never pitch again

Se7en - the 7 deadly questions and their answers

Financial advice

Financial management tips for freelancers

8 sure-fire ways freelance designers can earn passive income

Increase your freelancing income by narrowing your focus

Budgeting for freelancers

5 ways to earn more than the average freelancer

Fast, good, cheap: pricing freelance work

The 'hows' of pricing your design work

7 tips on quoting freelance projects

Freelance contracts: the do's and don'ts

10 rules for negotiating contracts

Time management

13 principles of effective time management for freelancers

Freelancers: Time to manage your time

5 ways to get more done by not doing

Freelance success

10 principles of successful freelancers

10 tips for becoming a freelancing powerhouse

Are these 5 mistakes holding you back from freelance success?

12 tricks for optimising your freelance career

10 keys to growth as a designer

The freelancers' secret

8 simple tips for freelancers to keep focused

How to make yourself stand out as a freelancer

Less is more: 10 methods to be more productive, more profitable, and happier

How to effectively organize, manage and maintain your freelance design business

101 helpful tips and tricks for freelancers

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