9 dazzlingly creative uses of visual projection

Visual projection is become a common way for designers and creatives to tie together their love for design, animation and live art elements in one experience.

Here are some great examples of the technique in action, against a range of different platforms...

01. Box

San Francisco-based Bot & Dolly teamed up with design director to create this short film that serves as both an artistic statement and a technical demonstration. 'Box' uses a mix of technologies including large-scale robotics, projection mapping and software engineering, and was captured entirely in-camera. Read our interview with the creators here.

02. Progoda Visuals

Progoda is an artist and entertainer specialising in events and promotions. One of her first experiments in structure design and video-mapping, we love this dynamic, multi coloured, dreamlike series of objects interlinking and reforming. To put it all together, Progoda built a flower structure out of foam-board and mapped using MadMapper, then threw some content on it with Modul8.

03. Cosmic Vibes

Nandini Barnes is behind this engaging example of visual projection, created as a part of her degree and exhibition space. The futuristic and geometric quality really ties together well and works hand in hand with the soundtrack to produce a great piece of moving image. The piece was filmed using a Canon 7D DSLR.

04. New balance

Visual projection isn't just an arty thing – and here's a great example of its use for commmercial purposes. This playful sequence really pushes us to focus and admire the detail of the shoe in question and its complexities. An innovative way to introduce a product to market.

05. Augmented Reality

In this short documentary, Dane Luttik looks at how ideas, space and shapes can work together to really push boundaries within visual mapping. A great insight into the process and realisation used by visual projection mapping designers.

06. Eyjafjallajokull

Joanie Lemercier and the AntiVJ collective are in clearly on quest for progression and innovation when it comes to projection mapping. Working with shadows, light and perspective, this is a beautiful piece of visual projection.

07. Korea

Projections are often most effective and engaging when created in environments where we're not used to seeing them. Here the surface used is a building in which the projection is used to tell a story and interact with viewers, using light, rhythm and colour.

08. Invader

"AV Invader - 8 bits and light" was a video mapping projection for an electronic party in Bogotá, Colombia. A huge space invader that serves as a multi-projectable surface to create optical illusions, and at the same time as a stage that displays the DJ inside. The work of Laura Ramirez of Optikal Ink Lab, this visual concept is an entertaining trip through 80's video games and 8-bit culture.

09. Big Makk

This visual accompaniment to VJ Big Makk's "Let Me Know" is astonishingly vibrant and truly engaging, enhancing all aspects of the sounds without taking anything away from the musical experience.

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