Buy 1 Samsung Galaxy S23 or Google Pixel 8 and get another free – ends today!

There's currently an unbelievable flash sale on two of the best camera phones out there. If you act before November 8 and buy either the Samsung S23 or Google Pixel 8 on Verizon, you'll get another FOR FREE. Yes you read that right. 

So how does it work? Well, activating a new plan with Verizon on the Samsung S23 range (and this includes the Ultra, our favourite camera phone), gives you $800 in credit against another phone of the same type. And the same goes for the Google Pixel 8 range on Verizon.

If you go for the basic models, you'll get a second 36 month contract at $0 a month (upgrading to the Ultra/Pro versions gives you the same credit so you may end up paying a small amount monthly for the second phone, for example with the S23 Ultra this is around $11 a month). Note, you'll still need to pay sales tax. 

Samsung Galaxy S23: 

Samsung Galaxy S23: Buy one get one free

Overview: A brilliant phone for creatives who need an excellent camera, gorgeous screen, and fab battery life. Buy one and get $800 credit to cover the cost of another one. We especially like the Ultra (which won't quite be covered by the $800 credit – you'd end up paying around $11 a month).

Key features: Network: Verizon | Operating System: Android 13.0 | 5G |Screen size: 6.1-inches/6.6-inches/6.8-inches

Release date: February 2023

Price history: We haven't seen a comparable deal on a contracted phone, though we have seen decent deals on the range (there are currently good offers available like this Ultra with 18% off at Amazon). 

Current deal: Buy one get one free with Verizon (for the S23)

Review consensus: We gave the Ultra model five stars when we reviewed it. We loved the camera, the sharp and colourful screen, and of course the amazing camera. Our sister site T3 agreed, and also loved the stylus and design. They didn't love the colours or the price.

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Google Pixel 8:Save:

Google Pixel 8: Buy one get one free
Save: $800

Overview: The new range from Google has been widely well-received, with the AI features being the standout upgrades. We particularly like the focus on photography (group selfies are so much easier!). The Pro is our pick because of the camera (but you'll have to pay a small monthly fee as the $800 is unlikely to cover the whole 36-month contract, as with the S23 Ultra).

Key features: Network: Verizon | Operating System: Android 14.0 | 5G |Screen size: 6.2-inches/6.7-inches (Pro)

Release date: October 12

Price history: We haven't seen many deals on this brand new range. 

Current deal: Buy one get one free with Verizon (for the S23)

Review consensus: Our review is in the works on this range, but our sister sites have given the range a solid 4 stars for both the basic and Pro versions.

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