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Free tool offers creatives a better way to send files

Already on Mac, Infinit launches on Windows today

Already on Mac, Infinit launches on Windows today

One of the biggest headaches of working on a design project can be the need to constantly send massive documents, images, video files and more to colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

So we were intrigued to hear about Infinit, a free tool aimed explicitly at creatives and artists, that aims to save you time and effort when you send large files to clients.

Peer to peer

The main thing that makes Infinit different is that it uses peer to peer technology rather than its cloud servers. That means, the French team of eight designers and developers behind it claims, that it's both more secure and "up to 23 times faster" than rivals.

Infinit's own figures claim a massive speed advantage over rival file sharing tools

Infinit's own figures claim a massive speed advantage over rival file sharing tools

It's also easy to use, and there are no limits to the number of files you can send, or their size. If your or your recipient's web connection goes down, the service just pauses until it comes back up - you don't gave to start again.

And if you're really in a hurry when receiving media files, you can even start playing them before the full file has been sent.

Now on Windows

Until today, though, Infinit's been of limited use, because it only worked on OS X - which meant that both parties needed to have a Mac. Today, though, Infinit launches on Windows, which means it now has huge potential for easing the file-sharing hassles of the creative workload.

The new app is supported by Windows 64-bit and offers much of the same speed and functionality as its Mac OS X product. The company stresses it's an early version so may not be perfect, but it plans on updating the product quickly, with support for 32-bit versions of Windows and more robust interfaces to be integrated in the coming weeks.

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