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Data visualisation compo winners

Halloran's striking, simple design won the day

Halloran's striking, simple design won the day

Back in May we told you about a competition to create a data visualisation run by and David McCandless of Information is Beautiful.

Entrants were given a data set relating to the demographics of university students in the UK, and were free to mash it up with additional data of their choice. It was judged by a panel including McCandless and our very own art editor, Rob Bowen. The winners have now been announced!

In first place is Raphal Halloran, who used an uncluttered design to make the data easy to absorb. It's an interactive chart built in HTML5 - click through to try it out.

Judge Bowen said “The competition was strong. It was hard for me to choose between the top three or four but Raphal's solution encompasses what Data Vis is all about. It delivers information in a clean, concise and well thought-out way.

"The eye-catching simplicity is what makes this work along with boldness of the colour palette and the addition of neat visual aids to identify specific universities.”

Second place went to Dave Bowker and third to Jon Schwabish. You can see these and the runners up on the Postgrad Blog entry.

For more on data visualisation, take a look at our interview with David McCandless.