Star Wars snowflakes: they're out Hoth this world!

Yes! We want Star Wars snowflakes on our tree this Christmas. Who wouldn't?

A long time ago on a Christmas tree far, far away, designer Anthony Herrera hung paper snowflakes created using characters and ships from the popular sci-fi franchise as inspiration.

He then provided PDF templates for download on his blog, and now he has added new characters and ships for 2012 - there are an amazing 24 to choose from.

R2D2 is just one of 24 different designs to choose from - or make them all!

Now you too can cut and craft Jedi, X-wing Fighters, robots and more to decorate your tree this festive season, but rather than use a light sabre we suggest you get hold of an x-acto knife and follow the tips in the following instructional video:

Head to Anthony Herrera's blog now to download any or all of the templates. May the firs be with you.

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