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WATCH THIS! Animator Andy Martin's showreel

Andy Martin describes himself as an animator, illustrator and music maker. Hailing from London with over 10 years experience in the design world, his showreel needed to show off just how much he has acheived within his career. The video is a feast for the eyes from the get-go; showcasing his creations from the likes of advertising and animation as well as music videos and short films.

For the artworking, it was made with Photoshop and later animated in After Effects. "I wanted to made a reel that reflected my work as strongly as possible, so it had to be fun, colourful and playful," Andy begins."I have tried to keep a consistent look through all my stuff online, with the blue colour and my Handymartian character so I needed to incorporate this into the intro and outro too. Starting in space with shots from my old reel is also a nod to the Handymartian."

Music is very important to Andy, therefore the soundtrack to the showreel had to be just perfect. He decided to do a remix of 'A Spoonful Of Sugar' from Mary Poppins, as the start of the song reflects Andy's work ethic. As a music maker, Andy tries to make music for his own projects as much as he can and this aspect needed to be reiterated within the showreel.

You can see more of Andy's work on the Andy Martin website.

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