How to paint fur: A guide

How to paint fur
(Image credit: Mikaël Léger)

If you want to learn how to paint fur, this guide is for you. Painting fur realistically is notoriously difficult, due to the need for vibrant texture and the way the light hits it. It's also impossible to avoid needing to paint fur for most 2D and 3D artists, because it's a key part of creating realistic portrayals of animals – both real and fantastical.

In this guide, we will be adding fur to a large, black, fantastical beast using Photoshop. To enhance your work, you might want to use some of the best Photoshop brushes. And for more drawing tuts, covering everything from animals to landscapes, see our how to draw post.

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French concept artist Mikaël is a freelancer in the games industry. He also illustrates RPG books and is working on a comic, Atomic Cowboys.