5 ways creatives can stay optimistic – and creative

Illustration by Ben Tallon
(Image credit: Ben Tallon)

I’ve long wondered what’s going on inside this head of mine. Thanks to the family, friends, and peers who celebrate and enable my imagination, I’ve managed to use my different ways of thinking to build and sustain a 16-year and counting full-time career as an illustrator, author and host of The Creative Condition podcast. 

But there’s a well-documented downside to high sensitivity that makes us a good fit for the creative industry: it can also lead us into dark places. 24-hour news cycles are designed to keep us alarmed and panicked; sharing, shouting, and coming back for more. As a new parent suffering constant fatigue, I found myself caught in this digital web, experiencing far too many negative thought loops than I should. 

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Ben Tallon
Guest contributor

Ben Tallon is an illustrator, author, and host of The Creative Condition podcast, a weekly show exploring all aspects of creativity and the human condition.

He has made organic, energetic, impactful art and hand lettering for The New York Times, Channel 4, The Guardian, World Wrestling Entertainment, Bloomsbury Books, and The Premier League. His book, The Creative Condition is available to order now.