“There are no rules and no planning: just organic, true doodling,” says Mr Doodle as he launches major exhibition

The artist Mr Doodle, a man with ginger hair and wearing a doodle-covered shirt and trousers, stands in front of a canvas of his work showing two figures with lots of expressive lines and a painted frame. He is in an art gallery
(Image credit: Polly Allen)

You don’t have to spend much time online to come across work by Mr Doodle and, once you’ve got to know his graphic style, which he calls “graffiti spaghetti”, you’ll notice it popping up everywhere. Maybe you read about him covering an entire house in stark black and white doodles (yes, both inside and out), or you saw his collaborations with Converse, Fendi, Puma and Red Bull. Or perhaps you're one of his millions of social media followers. Mr Doodle (real name Sam Cox) has come a long way from the art student at the University of the West of England who would doodle on his clothes. At just 30 years old, he's exhibited worldwide and turned the simple art of doodling into his imaginary world of DoodleLand.

However you came to know him, you’re welcome at his first ever UK exhibition, Mr Doodle: Museum Mayhem!, which takes over the historic Holburne Museum, in Bath, until 1 September 2024. Spaces from the entrance hall to the staircase and the Andrew Brownsword Gallery get the Doodleland treatment, covered with motifs like flowers, creatures, coral-like squiggles, spray cans, and people moving, all enveloping you in the space. Mr Doodle has also taken his trademark doodles to parts of Bath city centre.

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Polly Allen
Freelance journalist and marketer

Polly Allen is a freelance journalist and marketer based in Bristol. She specialises in travel and lifestyle journalism, including art reviews. As a marketer, she has worked for the charity sector, the travel industry, the museum sector, and healthcare organisations.