The coolest stuff for web designers this April

Spring is well and truly here, and so are some more gems of web design inspiration! We've rounded up the best new tools, books and apps all web-based folk need to treat themselves to this month, check them out below.

01. Sketch Camp

Supercharge your Sketch skills

Sketch Camp is a range of online courses for creative explorers, aimed at helping you get your Sketch skills up to scratch. It's a no-subscription, pay-once setup, and you can choose from the 'cub scout' package or a more extensive 'park ranger' option.

02. Go Freelance

This book will show you how to go your own way

If you’ve always wanted to go freelance but weren’t quite sure how, this book from Dave Ellis could be for you.

03. Do Fly

Get ready for take off with the book about pursuing your passions

Written by Aardman’s friendliest employee, Gavin Strange, Do Fly promises to be your passport to following your passion.

04. Atomic Design

Dig deep for Brad Frost (it's worth it)

Brad Frost’s popular methodology has finally been committed to print. Read it for free online, or show some support and pay for a copy.

05. V for Wiki

Has this app made Wiki even better?

Viki has relaunched as V for Wiki, but still offers a great way to explore Wikipedia on your Apple device.

06. DotsPlus Notebook

What's better than a grid design? A 'super grid' design, that's what

The result of a popular Kickstarter campaign, DotsPlus notebooks include a ‘super grid’ design.

This article was originally published in net magazine issue 289. Buy it here.

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