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OLYMPIC SPECIAL! Discover the 10 best Olympic poster designs

Barcelona 1992

1992 Barcelona Olympic poster

This Olympic logo embodied modern Spain

It's fair to say that Barcelona went a little bit mental in the poster department. The poster project for the 1992 Games involved 58 different posters, prduced by numerous artists, and grouped in four collections: the official Olympic posters, the painters' posters, the designers' posters and the photographic sports posters. All-in-all 2,940,000 posters were produced, with the sponsorship of Telefónica. We've just focused on one poster, designed by Josep M. Trias, which is really a representation of his logo design for the event. But what a logo! The simple strokes, in the colours of Spain, represented a character in action, and went on to define how Spain branded itself for the next decade.