You'll want this Cartoon Network-inspired clothing

cartoon network clothes

Branden M. Collins has four years experience working with Cartoon Network

During my almost four years at Cartoon Network, I was involved with more aspects of the design and production process than I'd ever imaged I would be. Executing a vastly diverse range of projects; everything from product design to posters, web, on-air and event installations.

I worked with an exceptional team of designers there and learned so much. It was a very rewarding experience. In early 2015, I started working on an idea for creating a series of custom apparel and accessories for the network, all produced by Print All Over Me.

cartoon network clothing

The collection features clothing, bags and homewares

I had done some personal projects with Print All Over Me before and love working with them, so I wanted to bring these two worlds together and really try to pull off something exceptional for everyone involved.

The process began with developing the concept for a shoot that would showcase a collection of apparel and accessories that really reflected the vibrant, sophisticated and playful aesthetic sensibility of the Cartoon Network brand.

cartoon network clothing

The illustrative tributes showcases characters from Adventure Time and Regular Show

I already had a handful of hand-drawn elements that I thought would work great for a collection and I knew I wanted to create a set and contract models for the shoot. Because the project was self-initiated, it was sort of up to me to make sure it was a priority. This was probably the most challenging part of the process because it required me really to step into the role of a producer or project manager, all while creating the design elements.

cartoon network clothing

Collins' playful pop art approach works perfectly for the collection

It's something I had done on a smaller scale through my own studio on independent projects, but never to this degree. In addition to creating the apparel and accessories, I also handmade the set elements and styled the models (one of which is my younger sister). Shoot day was a lot of fun and the kids really did a great job and were totally naturals at the whole modelling thing.

cartoon network clothing

There's also more minimal efforts within the collection

I had a lot of help with the final product from Brian Smith, who photographed the collection, as well as Candice House, the exceptionally talented Art Director over at CN. There are certainly things about the final result that I think could be improved, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

cartoon network clothing

The collection is predominantly pastel coloured

It really represents a culmination of all the skills & experiences I acquired while at Cartoon Network condensed into one final project. I'd ideally love to do more projects like this, where I could really explore creating a fully fleshed out experience, with hands in as many aspects of the creative direction as possible.

cartoon network clothes

There's no word as to whether the collection will go on sale

Words: Branden M. Collins

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