Create sensational sunsets in Photoshop

A beautiful sunset is such a thing of wonder that anyone with a camera feels almost duty-bound to capture it.

However, if you want to include foreground detail as well, this presents an exposure problem. The most impressive part of the sky is where the sun drops, and shooting into that lovely light means the land will usually come out dark. If you try exposing for the shadows, on the other hand, the sky becomes overexposed, and all the vibrancy is lost.

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James Paterson

James Paterson is an expert in all aspects of the photographic process, from capture to post-processing. He has contributed to numerous photography publications, including Digital Camera, Amateur Photographer, PhotoPlus and NPhoto, and his work has also appeared in Computer Arts magazine as well as several books. He is the editor of Practical Photoshop magazine, and has a well-deserved reputation as an authority on all things Photoshop-related.