Master large-scale environments in 3ds Max

The aim of this piece was to produce a piece of 3D art that's ready to go straight from the frame buffer, with little or no post-production. Zagreb-based Studio Niskota (now Polymachine) created the project as a test bed for their no-post pipeline, and all the assets are modelled and textured with such detail that they could be used for a close-up render – despite ending up hundreds or thousands of metres from the camera in the final shot. 

Scenes on this scale (read more about archviz here) containing hundreds of thousands of detailed assets can put a burden on your renderer, and working with billions of polygons in the viewport in a way that enables fast iteration is nearly impossible. Enter Forest Pack and RailClone by iToo Software, two of the most popular plugins for 3ds Max that specialise in instancing almost limitless geometry while maintaining a fully procedural workflow. 

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