How to draw with pastels and Conté crayons

pastel pencils and conte crayons being used to make drawings of natural elements
(Image credit: Rebecca de Mendonça)

- Pan Pastels Yellow Ochre and Diarylide Yellow Tint
- Unison pastels BE1, NE4, Grey 27, Grey 28
-Willow charcoal, Conté Crayons, brown, black and white
- Broken shards of the above
- Pencil rubber, cut into small pieces
- Scalpel
- Faber Castell PITT Pastel Pencils; Pale blue 1122-140 , Black 1122-199, Brown 1122-176, Dark blue 1122-151, Green and Blue. Unison pastels including BG 7, BG14, Green 20. Conté Crayons, blues, purples and pale green. 

For this tutorial, I am using soft pastels and Conté crayons for drawing, rather than painting. There is always a debate about whether pastels are a drawing or painting medium, but I think it depends entirely on the way you use them. 

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Rebecca de Mendonça

Rebecca specialises in pastels, producing lively and energetic work. She teaches around the UK and in Italy, and co-founded The New Pastel School. Her book Pastels for the Absolute Beginner, published by Search Press, is available now.