Style a site using Sass

Sass site

You can do a lot with CSS – perhaps more than you might think – but the venerable style sheet language has its limitations. In a modern web project, with npm modules, JavaScript frameworks, ES6 and more, it can feel somewhat anachronistic to fall back to writing vanilla CSS.

Fortunately, there are options out there that allow you to use other languages that compile to CSS. Referred to as ‘preprocessors’, these tools integrate into your web build process and generate usable style sheets from whatever extension language you’ve chosen.

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Simon Jones

Simon Jones is a technology leader with experience managing product and engineering teams of up to 200 staff, both at startups and large corporates. He is a proficient full-stack developer, in particular with Go & React + TypeScript. He now works at Facebook in London. Formerly CTO at Norwegian VC-backed startup Just, and Engineering Director at Barclays and American Express.