Infographic outlines how to enjoy coffee and stay healthy

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Do you crave coffee as soon as your eyelids open? For most, a coffee before work is the way they get their engines going but, according to science, this isn’t when you should be drinking coffee.

As humans we’re affected by a 24-hour hormonal cycle called the circadian clock, with several dips and spikes in alertness. The first dip is at 10 am, and it’s then that your body will truly appreciate a jolt of caffeine.

The only reason we crave coffee immediately upon waking is because we've trained our bodies to expect it (think Pavlov's dog).

While people's coffee preferences may differ, there's a right way to drink coffee for maximum benefit. In the great infographic above, Art of Wellbeing outlines seven steps to becoming a smarter coffee drinker.

Now get loads more information on drinking coffee and staying healthy on Art of Wellbeing's site.

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