The coolest Batman merchandise for designers!

Whether it be themed sneakers, cute and cuddly design toys or retro models, we bring you this collection of oh-so desirable Batman-related merchandise. Check out our selection, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Converse All Star DC Comics Sneakers

Bat merchandise: Converse

We're big fans of Converse at Creative Bloq (they get a deserved placing in our 20 best sneaker designs of all time feature) and the company has gone all Dark Knight on us with this awesome, special-edition shoe. We love how they've avoided the obvious Bat-clichés here and gone for a understated bit of comic art, giving these kicks the true cool factor.

Find more information here.

Batman Funko Vinyl Toy

Batman merchandise: Vinyl toy

How cute is this little Bat-tyke? This vinyl toy from Funko harks back to an earlier Batman era, and parents of a certain age will be rushing to buy it for (*cough*) their children (*cough*cough*). There are Joker, Catwoman and Penguin versions too. (And if that doesn't satisfy your toy cravings, check out 20 inspiring design toys for your desk).

Find more information here (US), or here (UK).

The Dark Knight Rises Poster

Batman merchandise: Poster

We instantly fell in love with this arty poster inspired by the latest Batman flick by illustrator Matt Needle. The quality print (420mm x 297mm, hi-gloss, 250gsm) is one of the best pieces of unofficial fan art we've seen to date.

Find more information here.

Kai Action Figure: Harley Quinn

Batman merchandise: Harley Quinn

Supervillainess Harley Quinn is best-known from the Batman: Arkham Asylum videogame, and this action figure hits all our buttons. It comes with Quinn's trademark weapons and accessories, and it even has interchangeable hands.

Find more information here (US), or here (UK).

Batwing Limited Edition Replica

Batman merchandise: Batwing replica

The design of this licensed replica of the Batwing, as seen in the first Tim Burton movie, was taken from the moulds of the original models, with the interior references scaled down from the original full-size props. They only made 500 of them, though, so you’re looking at eBay if you want one of these bad boys for your collection.

Find more information here.

Dark Knight Rises Mr Potato Head

Batman merchandise: Mr Potato Head

This special Mr Potato Head, a tie-in with The Dark Knight Rises, looks a little S&M to our eyes, but maybe that's just us. Also, from the perspective of this box-shot it looks a bit like he's giving a far-right salute; but don't fret; he's actually holding up a golden Batarang.

Find more information here (US), or here (UK).

Batman iPad Cases

Batman merchandise: iPad case

If you've been aching for a Batman case for your iPad, iPhone or iPod then there are plenty of cool designs to choose from at This suitably dark and violent image is our personal favourite: we love the blink-and-you-miss-it bat symbol within the smashed glass.

Find more information here.

Batman Logo Hip Flask

Batman merchandise: Hip flask

This four-and-a-quarter inch high, stainless-steel hip flask features not a cheap stick-on logo but a quality piece of Bat art, covered in crystal clear enamel for long-term protection.

Find more information here.

Batman Funko Plushie

Batman merchandise: Plushie

We just couldn't resist slipping in another toy from Funko into our list. And there's nothing cuter than this seven-inch tall Batman plushie. Massively cuddleable, small children would love it (but we reckon it's far too good for them...).

Find more information here.

The Dark Knight: 1:6 Scale Batmobile

Batman merchandise: Batmobile

Got £399 burning a hole in your pocket? Us neither. But if we did we'd be sorely tempted by this authentically detailed 1:6 movie model of the Dark Knight Batmobile. It features light-up headlights, a cockpit/roof opening panel, and moveable breaking flaps, along with the Batman figure which fits inside it. Arghh... do we really need to pay the mortgage this month?

Find more information here.

Batman Cheques

Batman merchandise: Poster

Paying bills has never been the most fun of tasks, but you can liven things up a little with these cheques themed with Batman comic art. Coordinating address labels and checkbook cover are available too.

Find more information here.

Batman Motion Lamp

Batman merchandise: Poster

Bathe your bedroom in incredible bat shapes created by the moving liquid gel inside this cool retro-looking lamp. (In case you're wondering, it's legal issues around trademarking that prevent the company calling this as a 'lava lamp', but that's what it is, really.)

Find more information here.

Batman Logo Silicon Ice Tray

Batman merchandise: Ice tray

This flexible silicone tray will dispense seven frozen cubes shaped like the iconic Batman logo. The four large cubes work well in a tall glass or pitcher, while the smaller ones are perfect for a short glass or tumbler. Or you could make chocolates, or jellies, or something.

Find more information here (US), or here (UK).

Batman Alarm Clock

Batman merchandise: Clock

Let's face it, waking up in the morning sucks. Especially on a work day. But waking up to a cool, iconic superhero logo, courtesy of this 10x12cm retro-inspired Batman alarm clock, at least sucks a little less.

Find more information here.

LEGO Batcave

Batman merchandise: Batcave

LEGO and Batman are a pop culture match made in heaven, and this Batcave has us drooling. It includes a features elevator function that transforms Bruce Wayne into Batman, a holding cell, four missiles, two Batarangs, five minifigures, Bane’s drill tank, the Batcycle and more besides. Who wouldn't want one of these?

Find more information here (US), or here (UK).

Sixties Batmobile

Batman merchandise: 60s car

Any serious Batman collector has to have one: a licensed model, based on the original Sixties TV Batmobile designed by George Barris, at one-eighteenth scale. Nice.

Find more information here (US), or here (UK).

Batman sneakers

Liverpudlian designer Daniel Reese, aka Mr Brass Monki, created these customised Nikes as part of a range of pop culture-inspired creations. Check out the rest of his work on his website and find out how you can commission him to make a customised pair of your own.

Find more information here.

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