Planet Earth II is here – and it looks incredible!

Ten years since the release of the original documentary series, Planet Earth is back on our screens tonight, and its imagery, design and camerawork are sure to inspire artists and creatives everywhere. The new six-part series sees legendary broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough team up with the BBC once again for Planet Earth II. And if these breathtaking images from the show are anything to go by, it looks epic. 

The new series, once again, brings magnificent scenes of nature in to viewer's front rooms. Featuring everything from the rare snow leopard and nimble serval cat, to the penguins of Zavodovski and marine iguanas of the Galapagos, Planet Earth II was filmed over three years across the globe. Using all the very latest technology, including hidden cameras in remote locations, the series uncovers stories about the nature that have never been seen before. Here's to the next six weeks of the natural world in all its glory. 

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Image Copyright: BBC/David Willis

Planet Earth II captures the majestic, not to mention famously elusive, Snow Leopard. 

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Image Copyright: BBC NHU/©Elizabeth White

Zavodovski, one of the South sandwich islands in Antarctica, is home to around 1.5 million chinstrap penguins, the largest penguin colony in the world. 

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Image Copyright: BBC NHU/© Justin Anderson

Ever wanted to see a flamingo dance? Planet Earth captures this beautiful flamingo colony, gathered here to breed, but first performing a peculiar parade dance.

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Image Copyright: BBC NHU/Emma Napper

This beautiful little fellow is a red-eyed tree frog, captured taking a rest in the jungles of Costa Rica. 

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Image Copyright: © Bryson Voirin

Found on the single island of Escudo de Veraguas, off the coast of Panama, this three-toed mother pygmy sloth carries her baby on her chest.

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Image Copyright: BBC NHU/Fredi Devas

Roaming the city of Jodhpur freely, these Hanuman langurs use it as their home and playground. 

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Image Copyright: © Ed Charles

Cameraman Rob Drewett stands in the middle of a billion flying locusts to get the perfect shot – rather you than us! 

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Image Copyright: © Barrie Britton

Sand grouse fighting Oryx at a waterhole in Namibia’s Namib Rand Nature Reserve.

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Image Copyright: BBC NHU/Chadden Hunter

A serval cat in South Africa sports the largest ears and longest legs of any cat in the world relative to body size.

Planet Earth II is set to air early November 2016. Can wait that long? Get an early Planet Earth II fix with this stunning BBC trailer...