Top Star Wars toys, goodies and more for designers

While joining in with the festivities here in the office, the Creative Bloq team came across some brilliant Star Wars inspired design toys and products so thought it only fair we share them with you.


01. Star Wars: The Blueprints (Limited Edition Hardcover)



Ok, so to kick things off is this amazing hardback book, which brings together, for the first time, the original blueprints created for the filming of the Star Wars saga.

The Blueprints is a limited edition copy, featuring a custom-made cloth case, over 250 blueprints and more than 500 images and illustrations sourced from deep within the LucasFilm archives. The lavish 336-page hardback will set you back a pretty hefty £300 but considering its awesome content, we're sure certain die hard fans will be tempted.

So, if you've got a spare few hundred quid lying around and a gap in the sci-fi section of your bookshelf, what are you waiting for? Better get a move on though, there's only 5,000 hand-numbered English copies available which'll no doubt be snapped up quicker than you can say lightsabre.



What better way to keep your biscuits safe and fresh than this amazingly awesome R2-D2 cookie jar! All you have to do is life up the little robot's head to reveal your favourite biccies.

It doesn't say so but we'd love to think that as you lift up R2's head it's accompanied by some awesome Star Wars sound affects (yeah, ok, we need to get out more).

At £20, it's pretty expensive for what is ultimately a storage container. But it's a great, fun gift for any Star Wars fan.

03. Super Deluxe AT-AT



This awesome toy version of the AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport, obviously), which featured heavily in the Empire Strikes Back, is available now for Star Wars fans far and wide. The giant model stands at more 24" tall, nearly 28" long and 12" wide and holds up to 20 Star Wars figures.

You can hours of fun playing with this toy, which has articulated legs for great poseability, LED lights (ooooh!) and authentic movie sounds and phrases. Not only that, it also includes a driver action figure and pop-out speeder bike. Hurrah!

Ok, so all that cool does come in at a price, with the AT-AT setting you back nearly £140 but hey, it comes with a pop-out speeder bike and everything you know?

04. Lego: Minifigure Stormtropper clock



Waking up in the morning would be so much more fun with one of these Lego Stormtrooper clocks next to the bed. The stylish design features a digital lighted display and alarm clock, with the the snooze function and backlight operated by pushing down the characters head. You can even move his arms and legs!

And fear not, Star Wars fans routing for both good and evil have been catered for with other models in the form of Yoda, Anakin and the dark leader himself Darth Vader.

Ideal for lazy geeks.

05. Lego: Millenium Falcon



The mixture of Lego and Star Wars has proved to be an incredibly recipe for success and we could literally talk for hours about the amazing amount of the toy models that are available now. But rather than do that we've chosen one of the, if not the, most iconic spaceship designs in sci-fi films ever!

This special edition Millenium Falcon is the smaller model offered by Lego but still has over 1200 pieces, measuring 15" wide and 4" tall. Hans Solo's famous ship features, among other things, a rotating radar dish and movable laser cannons above and below.

At £140 it's pretty pricey, however, it's a much cheaper alternative to the full size model (with over 5,000 pieces) that Lego offers, which comes in at around the £500 mark.

A whole lot of awesome.

06. Star Wars A New Hope Retro Bag



The force is strong with this one! (sorry, we couldn't resist getting it in somewhere). This cool, retro messenger bag features awesome illustrations from the first ever Star Wars film that started the phenomenon. The artwork was created back in 1977 to promote the film and works just as well, over 30-years later, emblazed on this bag.

Featuring one large main zipped compartment, this robust, waterproof bag is perfect for keeping your lightsabre and Jedi cloak safe and dry. Suitable for all ages, it can be used as a school or laptop bag or just as an everyday accessory so people can see just how cool you are.

A must-have for any Star Wars fan or member of the Rebel Alliance.

07. The Jedi Path: A Manual For Students Of The Force (Hardcover Vault Edition)



Ok, so at £100 this ancient manual is crazy expensive. But it also very, very cool. With the push of a button, mechanical doors of this vault open (accompanied by awesome Star Wars sound effects), the inner platform rises and the Jedi Path reveals itself.

Crafted by early Jedi masters who have held, studied and lived its secrets, the manual includes annotations and personal commentary from the likes of Yoda, Anakin and Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The textbook for any wannabe Jedi.

08. Star Wars Off The Wall Alarm Clock

So here's an alarm clock for those Star Wars fans with a more 'hands-on' approach. This Off the Wall Jedi Training Ball clock not only looks great but has an awesome throw function included.

The alarm goes off and the sensor inside requires you to throw, tap, drop, launch (you get the idea) to turn it off. Great fun and also a good form of therapy for people not fond of mornings.

Ideal for lazy and/or angry geeks.

09. Star Wars Poster Book

The Star Wars saga has given the world some of the most iconic movie posters ever. This book brings them all together showcasing 350 posters in one volume.

Images are accompanied by text from well-known Star Wars author Stephen J Sansweet and poster collector Peter Vilmur. It also features behind-the-scenes stories from various artists and designers.

A comprehensive look at Star Wars posters that have existed over the years, fans will recognise most but also be treated to others hardly ever seen.

The Star Wars poster bible.

10. Darth Vader and Son



The dark lord of the Sith is a loving father in Jeffrey Brown's book Darth Vader and Son. In addition to his evil duties, Darth also has the responsibility of looking after a four-year-old Luke Skywalker depicted by Brown's gorgeous illustrations.

A huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, Brown developed the initial concept as a special design for Google's homepage on Father's Day. The idea was later scrapped but the author liked the idea so much he developed it into a book, drawing on his own experiences as a dad.

Among its pages, a young Luke tries to convince his dad to keep Salacious Crumb as a pet and Vader attempts to use the Jedi mind trick to dissuade his son from choosing a Jar Jar Binks toy. Princess Leia also puts in a brief appearance.

Simply gorgeous, this book is sure to melt the hearts of anyone on the dark side.

And that's your lot! Have we missed any other awesome Star Wars goodies? Let us know in the comments box below...

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