Should we be afraid of Tesla's toy Cyberquad?

The Tesla Cyberquad is finally here! At least the children's toy version that is...  and only in markets where it's passed safety regulations. 

There's still no sign of the grown-up's version of the Cyberquad ATV, and delivery of the first units of the long-delayed Cybertruck have been put back to 30 November. But Elon Musk's electric car manufacturer has announced the European launch of the Cyberquad ATV for kids. But can it get over its US design fail?

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Tesla first announced the Cyberquad for Kids in partnership with Radio Flyer back in late 2021. With a 500-watt electric motor and 288Wh battery pack, the mini replica of the yet-to-be released Cyberquad is designed for children aged eight and older. It can reach a top speed of 10mph / 16kmph and has a range of a few miles. 

An initial batch of 5,000 units released in the US sold out last year before the product was subject to a recall by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which ruled that it failed to comply with the mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs. Now, it's been released in Europe following a launch in China earlier in the year. The price is €1,990 from

Should we be worried for our safety? The US decision was quite technical, and taken because the Cyberquad meets the legal definition of a 'youth ATV' rather than a toy, which means that it has to meet safety standards on mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure, while customers would have to be given safety training and information. It hasn't faced the same issue with its categorisation in the EU or China.

And the real Cyberquad? The adult-sized ATV was announced intended as an optional extra that can be carried on the back of the Cybertruck. It was unveiled along with the main vehicle in 2019, but there's been no recent news on when production will start.

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Meanwhile, Tesla continues to release bizarre limited-edition merchandise to occupy people while they wait. Its latest is a Tesla beer and cups that quickly sold out despite a $150 price tag. 

We're all here for tech companies releasing random craft ales – we loved the minimalist Nothing beer. But Tesla's attempt to make a beer bottle that reflects “the angular exoskeleton of Cybertruck”, complete with a pseudo-edgy graffiti font that looks like a lipstick brand feels a little cringey. A car brand producing alcohol seems like a particularly unusual move (although we've already had those unusual Tesla tequila glasses

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