Save £75 on this epic Super Mario Lego set

Lego The Mighty Bowser deal
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Super Mario Lego is some of my favourite Lego. But it's so darned expensive. Well, it now has a brilliant discount – it's reduced by £75 to £154.99 at Very. Hurrah!

It's an one of the best Super Mario Lego sets, and it lets you build the big guy out of 2,807 pieces. Then you get to display him wherever you like, or put him to battle on a battle platform with a Super Mario Lego starter platform – an interactive game where Bowser can knock over two towers, jump on a hidden POW Block and there's an Action Tag, too. Bowser also has a lot of moving parts, which is fun. 

This set has been lower, sure, but it's currently not on sale anywhere cheaper (lowest was £129.99, fyi). I think this is a great price. 

The Mighty Bowser Lego:£229.99Save £75:

The Mighty Bowser Lego: £229.99 £154.99 at Very
Save £75: We love Lego and we love Super Mario, hence why we have a guide dedicated to the combination. This is one of the best ones, it's on an epic scale, with 2,807 bricks to put together. You can also combine this character with a SUper Mario starter course and put him to battle!

Price check: Nintendo £160.99

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