I love this utterly adorable Princess Peach Lego set

A close up of Lego peach
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Today is apparently the official Mario day (you know, because it's 'Mar 10'). And what better way to celebrate than diving into the wonderful world of Mario headfirst with a brand new Super Mario Lego set – now featuring everyone's favourite, Princess Peach?

The pink princess has been added to Lego's brilliant Super Mario range. Now you can play as Peach on your bricked-up Mario world with her new interactive figure. Feeling inspired by all this Lego talk and fancy getting your hands on your own set? Make sure you check out our roundup of the best Lego sets for adults

The Princess Peach Lego set

You can now play as Princess Peach on your Super Mario Lego sets (Image credit: Lego)

The original Super Mario set was released back in 2020 and featured both Mario and Luigi's interactive Lego characters. The sets allow users to build and rebuild Super Mario levels to collect coins in the Lego figures – as if the actual game was taking place in your home. 

If you fancy your own Peach set then prices start at $59.99 according to the Nintendo Website and will be released 1 August. Simon Kent, the Creative Lead at Lego, has said that “Peach is such a fan favourite that we knew we had to add her and the iconic castle to our LEGO Super Mario World". 

We love the fact that we can now play with our Lego as Princess Peach. Not only is the Lego set original and full of creative opportunities, but Lego Peach is totally adorable. It's getting us excited to see which other Mario characters may appear in the Legoverse – can you imagine how cute a Lego Toad would be? (maybe then we'll get to the bottom of what's under his mushroom hat). 

We'll have to wait until August for our very own Lego Princess Peach. But in the meantime, why not have a go at building one of the best Lego Architecture sets? Or if you're looking for a set that'll please the little ones, then you'll love this list of the best Lego City sets.

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