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Free ebook provides an eloquent introduction to coding

There are so many helpful web design tools around these days that you can go a long way without having to know anything about code; there's plenty you can do with a website builder or maybe some WordPress themes.

However if you've ever looked at some swish JavaScript examples, you'll know that there's much more you could achieve on the web. Where to start, though? If you've never coded anything before, simply getting a handle on the basics of code can be an uphill struggle. However, this book might be able to help you out.

Eloquent JavaScript is the second edition of Marijn Haverbeke's programming bible, and from the very start it goes out of its way to explain the fundamentals of coding. The introduction alone is a great eye-opener if you've never really understood how computers work or what it is that programming languages actually do.

Over 21 chapters Eloquent JavaScript takes you from the basic data types and operations to full-blown JavaScript coding, with projects along the way including electronic life, a platform game and a full skill-sharing website, and while it's never easy – Haverbeke promises that it'll be slow and confusing at first – the tone is pitched just right to keep you going to the end.

Eloquent JavaScript is free to read online; however if you'd rather have it as an actual printed volume or a downloadable ebook you can order it now – and get 30% off the cover price – and get it in November.