What's inside Angular 8?

Angular 8
(Image credit: Future)

Angular 8 is the latest version of Google's Angular – one of the best JavaScript frameworks around. In this article, we'll run through what's special about Angular 8, and show you how to get started. First, a brief look back at what's happened with the framework so far.

Angular's introduction led to a paradigm shift in web development: while most libraries limited themselves to providing support to developers with relatively limited architectural impact, Angular's developer team went in the other direction. Their product forces you to use a specific architecture, with deviations ranging from difficult to commercially pointless. In fact, most Angular code runs through a relatively complex transpilation toolchain before it ever hits the browser.

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Tam Hanna is a software consultant who specialises in the management of carrier and device manufacturer relationships, mobile application distribution and development, design and prototyping of process computers and sensors. He was a regular contributor to Web Designer magazine in previous years, and now occupies his time as the owner of Tamoggemon Software and Computer Software.