Create a WebGL 3D landing page

WebGL 3D
(Image credit: Future)

Creating a WebGL 3D landing page is one way to make a great first impression with your audience. With WebGL, you can deliver high quality visual content right in the browser. You can do it without plugins or any special requirements. All modern browsers support WebGL, along with mobile devices and tablets. WebGL enables you to create incredible 3D scenes. It can power webVR experiences, manipulate video, render graphics shaders and much more.

In this tutorial, you’ll be making a landing page for the fictional film studio, Relative Studios. The concept is dramatic and visually engaging, as a mysterious object reflects and rotates in response to mouse interaction. Particles whiz around it, changing colour as they move. You’ll work through each of the steps to create this interactive page, allowing you to generate your own for your projects (for further inspiration, see our post on the best landing pages).

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Richard Mattka

Richard is an award-winning interactive technologist, designer and developer. He specialises in creating interactive worlds with science-fiction themes, exploring the synergy between human and machine. He has also written regular articles for Net Magazine, and Web Designer Magazine on a range of exciting topics across the world of tech, including artificial intelligence, VFX, 3D and more.