25 of the best JavaScript APIs

Here's our pick of the best JavaScript APIs around right now, plus a guide to getting started using them. These will help you add new and interesting functionality to your sites and apps. A word of warning: many of these APIs are still in development, so make sure you check browser support before you start using them, and provide fallbacks where necessary.

For more awesome plugins to explore, take a look at our guides to the best HTML APIs and Google APIs, or to build a site from scratch (without code) use a website builder. You might also want to see our guide to some of the best JavaScript frameworks and JavaScript tools to try. Don't forget it's also vital to consider your choice of web hosting service, to make sure your site runs as you want it to.

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Tam Hanna is a software consultant who specialises in the management of carrier and device manufacturer relationships, mobile application distribution and development, design and prototyping of process computers and sensors. He was a regular contributor to Web Designer magazine in previous years, and now occupies his time as the owner of Tamoggemon Software and Computer Software.