CHECK THIS OUT! Nimbletank's innovative mobile navigation

Words: Meryem Meg

A good navigation system gets you the information you need quickly and easy. A great navigation makes you smile while you're doing it.

And that's just what London-based freelance creative developer Daniel Puhe and the team at award-winning mobile website agency Nimbletank have come up with.

Nimbletank's innovative navigation system works on mobile and desktop... but best on mobile!

This showcase site offers an interactive and fun experience for users that fully exploits the creative possibilities of mobile.

With 360-degree movement and old school Tetris game references, it's sure to entice mobile app fanatics and attract an audience that's keen on futuristic communication and engaging products.

In the 'Tweets' section, you toss away the cards as you read them. Try it. It's fun!

The temptation for a mobile agency might be to include lots of whizz-bang features, but Nimbletank has taken the opposite approach: the site's strength lies in its simplicity.

The clean design, use of colour, and elements of movement give it a playful functionality and make the company appear professional but at the same time approachable.

Website's fun but functional system guides visitors through Nimbletank's offerings

Offering a multi-functional journey through what the agency has to offer, the site is aimed at touch devices but also works on desktop, where there's a 'Rotate' button in the corner to mimick the rotation of an iPad.

Whether you are looking to engage with your audience through mobile technology or want to explore how Nimbletank has applied its creative thinking to big brand services like the BBC or Travelex, this is a site to keep an eye on.

Meryem Meg is a Leeds-based graphic designer and illustrator whose inspiration lies in melodic word play and typographic experimentation. Follow her on Twitter at @meryemmeg.

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