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7 great resources to help make your site more trustworthy

We've already provided you with 10 pro tips to get people to trust your site by providing them with a trustworthy interface, but how do you move from the theory to the practicalities of putting your brilliant new UX design together?

You're in luck. We've found seven great resources that'll get you well on the way to giving your site - whether it's an ecommerce website or your design portfolio - the trustworthy refresh that it deserves.

01. How to create a design style guide: 25 pro tips

By Paul Wyatt. An excellent overview of the best practices for creating effective style guides for consistent UI design.

02. Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

If you read only one book on user experience this year, it should be Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think!. This book gets down and dirty about what's really important in a good user interface.

03. Is That A Usability Problem Or A Feature?

By Jeff Sauro. An analysis of several design patterns, asking whether they were meant to be that way or not.

04. Dark Patterns

A website that examines the darker side of user experience: user interface patterns that deliberately try to trick the user into particular action.

05. Using CSS transitions

Keep up to date with the latest CSS transition techniques with this resource of CSS temporal styles.

06. WebAIM Color Contrast Checker

Use the colour contrast checker to stay away from vagueness of low contrast designs.

07. Why We Fail

Learn how good products fail in the marketplace and why, so that you can prevent those pitfalls. By Victor Lombardi.

Tanya Combrinck is digital editor on net magazine.