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Adobe unveils cloud-based photo app

Carousel puts all your pictures on all your devices

Carousel puts all your pictures on all your devices

Adobe has been intending for some time to bring Lightroom capabilities to the iPad, and now it has done so in the form of Adobe Carousel. It will initially be available for iOS and Mac, with Android and Windows versions to appear sometime next year.

A key focus is on syncing: install the app on all your devices and it will automatically sync your picture collection, so that every image is available to you whether you're looking at your laptop, phone or iPad.

It uses the photo processing technology from Lightroom, and does non-destrucive editing so that the original photo is always recoverable. When you make an edit, it is automatically synced across your devices. You can even invite contacts to edit your photos and add pictures from their collections. There's also a focus on sharing, so it's easy to upload to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

The apps for Apple devices will be available "shortly" and they're free to download, but the storage and syncing service costs $9.99 per month.