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All-new net magazine iPad edition available now!

As you may have heard by now, net magazine has a brand new look. We’ve restructured every section to bring the magazine closer to our core focus, and re-thought our typography and layout to create a spacious new design. But don’t worry! All the great features and tutorials you’re used to are still there, presented in a fresh new style.

In undertaking this overhaul we certainly haven’t neglected the iPad edition. It’s been completely rebuilt to create a beautiful, interactive reading experience that we think you’ll love. Every issue contains exclusive screencasts to accompany the practical tutorials, and there are audio recordings and additional images that enable you to dive into the content in a whole new way.

In celebration of all this we’re offering you the chance to get the first two issues for free – just find us on the app store and sign up for a trial subscription.

The all-new iPad edition is available now, and we think you’ll be blown away by it.