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Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham launch web business podcast

Unfinished Business (@unfinishedbz on Twitter), a weekly discussion show about the business side of the web industry, has launched. The show will air every Monday at 2pm (UK time) and touches on a side of web design and development that’s relatively rarely discussed.

Initially, the podcast will feature self-described “grizzled” designer Andy Clarke and frontend developer Anna Debenham. Among other things, episode one talks about CES and whether designers and developers need to buy newly announced devices.

Speaking to .net, Clarke said the podcast originated in a phone call between its co-creators: “We had an hour-long conversation and at the end of it one of us – I don’t remember who – said ‘That was like a podcast show’. We immediately went: ‘Ooh! We should do a podcast!’” The pair reasoned there was a gap in the market – Clarke said they “both listen to a lot of podcasts, but none of them really talk about business issues” – and that the time was right for such a show: “It’s a subject people can benefit greatly from, especially in a market that now lends itself to people working on their own, because the barrier to entry is so low.”

Clarke revealed he’d been the recipient of useful advice recently, when mulling over a staffing situation at his company, and thoughts he got from Paul Boag gave him a different insight. “And that’s what I’d like the show to be like – a bit like phoning one of your friends,” he said. “There’s often a taboo about the business side of the web industry, especially when it comes to money and what to charge – but I want to be open and honest about those things.”