Devs tempted by Silicon Milkroundabout

The event will make the case for choosing a small, entrepreneurial company over a more traditional career

Joining a start-up isn’t a well-known career path for technical graduates, so most are attracted to financial institutions, consultancies and large corporations. Such companies have been visiting universities for years during the annual “milk-round”, when employers come to make themselves known to undergraduates.

So now, in a bid to raise awareness of start-ups as an attractive career choice, tech firms in London’s “Digital Shoreditch” are holding an event called “Silicon Milkroundabout”. It’s named after the cluster of tech companies in East London, which is sometimes referred to as the “Silicon Roundabout”.

The Silicon Milkroundabout website tells us that London’s top tech start-ups have 100 technical roles to fill at the moment, and that 25 companies will attend to showcase the benefits of working with them instead of taking a job in the City. Those set to show up include 7digital, Songkick, huddle and MindCandy.

The event will be held at Bar Music Hall, Shoreditch from 2-6pm on Sunday, 15th May.