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Facebook expands developer network

Facebook is working hard at expanding its developer network.

Facebook is expanding its developer network

Facebook has expanded its Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program, with the accreditation of 13 internationally-based companies, including UK-based Mediatonic, Conversocial and Mobile Interactive Group. The expansion showcases how the social giant is beating much of the field in expanding its developer network.

The PDC program was introduced in December 2009 to “connect companies and brands to the resources they need to build with Facebook products and technologies,” according to Matt Trainer of the Facebook Developer Network Team. This February, a new round of submissions was opened. “As businesses across the world look to get smarter about integrating Facebook, we seek to ensure that the PDC program continues to meet these needs everywhere that people use Facebook. We’ve selected 25 new companies […] to join the PDC program,” continued Trainer.

Unsurprisingly, newcomers were excited about their accreditation, joining a number of companies already well known for building Facebook integrations, including store-fronts, competitions polls and campaigns. “Facebook is a fantastic platform for gaming online as people can connect and interact directly with their friends. We’re thrilled to have been selected for the PDC program,” enthused Paul Croft, Director of Games at Mediatonic. “We’re thrilled to be part of the PDC program with our sister company, app developer iPlatform, and are very happy to be involved again with Conversocial,” said Josh March, Conversocial CEO and co-founder. “It's great to see the PDC program expand to include management solutions.”

Facebook has also announced its revamped Preferred Developer Lookup Tool to look up PDCs by expertise, location and keyword.