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Are you getting paid enough? This issue, net's all about money. Running throughout the magazine we have articles to help you work out what you should be charging, ensure you get paid on time, and boost your profits.

Plus, we reveal the results from our exclusive survey exploring how professionals in the web industry work, what they charge, and how they manage their money.

Cole Henley explores how we can turn our passions into cash

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Your new issue of net magazine also packs a special 20-page guide to building the best ecommerce experience.

In-keeping with our theme, we've also delved into the rapidly growing sector of ecommerce.

We've partnered up with Shopify to bring you a 20-page guide to creating amazing ecommerce experiences, with tips on everything from working with Shopify themes to shaving those valuable seconds off your load time.

But that's not all! We've also teamed up with our friends at Treehouse to give you a 60-day free trial, worth $50, enabling you to access hundreds of online courses on web design and development taught by experts. This is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your skills! Don't miss it!

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Seb Lee-Delisle explores the internet of things.

You may have heard talk of a little concept called the Internet of Things. According to laser master Seb Lee-Delisle, now is the best time to start getting creative with smart objects. This issue, he gives you some pointers for getting started dabbling with hardware.

Projects that will boost your skills

The new issue of net magazine also packs a huge menu of top tutorials. Each is written by a respected industry expert and will boost your design and development skills.

Michael Flarup shares his tips for creating memorable, appropriate and unique app icons that stand out in the App Store.

Peter Cook explains how to harness the power of D3.js to visualise the relationships found in social network data.

Leon de Wit walks though how to use CSS 3D to render a shape in space

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Greg Storey discusses business and life after Happy Cog.
  • Greg Storey shares his thoughts on business, starting again and life after Happy Cog
  • Vasilis van Gemert fights to reintroduce engineers into the creative process
  • We explore how RetroFuzz built Wrangler's first ever ecommerce site

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